Things To Know

All trips must be requested by 1:00 pm the business day before the scheduled appointment by calling 252.946.5778.  No trips can be scheduled through a driver.  If no answer, leave a clearly spoken message of your name and telephone number.

  • If an aide or attendant is traveling to assist, please provide that information so that seating can be arranged.  In addition, please let the BATS staff know if you will be traveling with a service animal, oxygen, or if you will require a lift vehicle.
  • Trips out of Beaufort County need to be scheduled between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • BATS has a 15-minute pick-up window.  This means that the vehicle can arrive for pick up any time from 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time and still be considered on time.
  • The vehicle will only wait three (3) minutes for passengers to come out to board–be ready!
  • Vehicles will not return if the boarding process has not taken place within those three minutes.
  • Passengers will be charged a No-Show fee for not cancelling their trip within a reasonable amount of time for dispatch to notify the driver before the travel for pick up has started.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times by all passengers and drivers.  Transportation will not be provided if the rider refuses to wear a seat belt.
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, and canes must be secured.
  • Parents/Guardians must provide age-appropriate travel seats for children under 8 years old or less than 80 lbs.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the proper installation of child safety seats.  Children in the 8th grade or below must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Food, drinks, weapons, and use of tobacco products are prohibited on the vehicles.  No fighting, threats, or arguing with the driver or other passengers is allowed.
  • Services will be denied for those suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • To diminish driver distraction, please do not play loud music, lower the ringtone on phones, use an inside voice, and keep conversations with the driver to a minimum.
  • No standing, moving about, or leaving the vehicle after boarding is allowed until the scheduled destination is reached.
  • Passengers must have the exact fare and pay the driver immediately upon boarding the vehicle.
  • No profanity or vulgarity is allowed among the passengers or towards the driver.
  • No inappropriate display of affection or sexual activity is permitted between passengers or towards the driver.
  • No offensive odors, strong perfumes, or colognes, please.
  • Be prepared for possible long wait time by carrying a snack/water to enjoy while waiting for pick up.
  • To cancel a previously scheduled trip, call 252.946.5778 prior to the trip.
  • Alternative forms of communication are available upon request.


Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Meeting Schedule

The public is always invited to attend the Beaufort Area Transit Advisory Board meetings.  They are held in the Conference Room of Beaufort County Developmental Center, 1534 West Fifth Street, Washington, NC, at 10:30 am.  The schedule for 2023 is as follows:

January 25, 2023                                       April 26, 2023                                          July 26, 2023                                        October 25, 2023

The October meeting is the annual Public Hearing for grant discussion and approval for all that wish to attend.  The Public Hearing is generally held at 11:30.

The April meeting is a tentative date that is subject to change based upon the Annual Advisory Board Training.


Public Hearing Notice

Grant Cycles require Public Hearings for community input.  The exact date will be published each September with the hearing usually at the end of October.  For more information, call 946.5778 during normal business hours.