Vocational Services

We believe that people with disabilities have a right to live and work in their home community.



Most people strongly identify their place or status in the world by the work they do. When asked, “What do you do?” most of us naturally respond with information about our occupation. Our
co-workers become our friends and a part of our support system, and our place of employment becomes our home away from home. We go off to work each day with a sense of purpose that keeps us going.

The scenario is the same for persons with disabilities. They desire the same sense of pride and accomplishments, achievements and recognition, value and self-esteem, as well as the knowledge that they belong and are important to an organization. They desire to be responsible, respected, and productive members of the community.

The ADVP (Adult Developmental Vocational Program) which our employees call VOICE (Vocational Opportunities in Community Employment) is a work activity program funded by the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disability, and Substance Abuse Services. This program is designed to teach adults with intellectual / developmental disabilities marketable job skills and industry accepted work habits, as well as communication skills and social competencies which enhance the individual’s ability to live and work independently. The activities and services of ADVP are designed to adhere to the principles of normalization and community integration.


Our community based Supportive Employment and Work Adjustment services at BCDC is under contract by the NC Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. 


The Supported Employment / Work Adjustment programs are designed to assist adults with Developmental and Intellectual/Developmental, Mental Health, and/or Substance Abuse diagnoses find employment in the field of their choice in with local businesses.


These programs offer training and assistance with acquiring marketable job skills and industry accepted work habits, as well as communication skills and social competencies which enhance the individual’s ability to find and maintain employment. 


CONTACT:  For those interested in these services, please contact Vocational Rehabilitation of Washington, NC at 252-623-5430 for coordination of referral.

Supported Employment and Work Adjustment Service Highlights:

  • We teach clients to understand the meaning, value, and demands of work.
  • We work with clients to learn and re-establish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, and work behaviors.
  • We identify and explore vocational interests of the people we serve in order to provide optimal placement and success.
  • We spend time with both the employee and the employer to establish comfortable working relationships.
  • We assess job and social skills needed for both environment and the employment position.
  • We work hands-on with our clients to ensure they learn the skills necessary to maintain employment success with the use of Job Coaches.
  • We seek natural supports within the employer’s business to assist our clients with sustained employment.
  • We maintain contact with employers in order to meet continuing needs and employee job revisions as they arise.


For More Information Please Contact:

Venues Hinton
Adult Day Services Manager
(252) 946-0151, Ext. 1210

Verna Benston
Community Employment Specialist
(252) 946-0151, Ext. 1214