Let BCDC Solutions Work for YOU!


…Bulk Mailing…

…Sub-assembly of small parts…

…Inspection, sorting and rework of parts or materials…

…Collating of documents, brochures, or instruction manuals…


…Assembly and packaging of completed units…

 Working in Washington and throughout the Beaufort County Community since 1974!!!

Call today and let us work for your business!

Eric Summerlin (esummerlin@bcdcsolutions.org)

or visit us at

1534 West Fifth Street       Washington, NC 27889

Phone: (252) 946-0151  Ext. 1217   Cell (252) 902-7512      Website: www.bcdcsolutions.org

What works for many businesses can work for you. Let our experienced team handle your production and assembly projects, saving you time and money.

Our professionals will listen to and evaluate your needs to ensure cost-efficient, cost-effective, quality products. Each team member is individually trained and closely supervised by our qualified staff. Whether you need us for sampling to commercialization. We do it all within Our facilities across the North Carolina region.

 How BCDC Solutions Works for Your Business:

  • Offer competitive fixed-cost per unit … every time.
  • Provide immediate relief for short-term production pressures.
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of qualified temporary help in a tight market.
  • Relieve staff functions such as recruitment, selection, training, orientation, and supervision.
  • Save your engineering and technical support staff for more complex projects.
  • Offer precise inventory control management of your parts and completed products.
  • Free up your time with our pick-up and delivery services.
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