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Adult Community Inclusion

For individuals who are not interested in employment but would like to engage in community-based activities, BCDC’s Community Inclusion program provides an alternative to employment training.  Community Inclusion centers around our participants getting out in their local community to learn and experience available community resources within integrated settings that they may not have previously been able to access on their own. The program assists participants with learning about and participating in recreational and leisure activities.

The therapeutic value of the Community Inclusion program is development of community resources knowledge/utilization, social skills development, interest in leisure activities, training in daily living skills, and improvement of health status.

Examples of Community Inclusion activities:

  • Taking a picnic lunch and eating at local parks such as Stewart Parkway or Havens Gardens
  • Exercise at local fitness centers
  • Education on diet, nutrition, and healthy living
  • Participating in arts and crafts classes
  • Touring Museums (including Emerge art museum, Belhaven Museum, Aurora Fossil Museum)
  • Meals on Wheels (volunteering)
  • Exercise (Sports Connection in Greenville, walking at the Washington waterfront or Greenville mall)
  • Greenhouse, Garden, and Farm visits in Pactolus
  • Bowling at AMF East Carolina Lanes in Greenville
  • Attending Civic Center to play Bingo
  • Movies
  • Scrapbooking
  • Libraries (Brown Library and Sheppard Memorial Library)
  • Shopping (local community stores and flea markets)
  • Visiting Historical Landmarks
  • Parks & Trails (River Park North, Alice Keene Park, Ayden Arts & Recreation, Boyd Lee Park, Extreme Park)
  • Dine-out
  • Lowe’s DIY Demonstrations
  • Collecting & Returning Can Tabs to Ronald McDonald House
  • Expos in different Counties
  • Making Gift Bags/Cards for Peers’ Birthdays

Exploring available community resources (examples: County DSS; Health Department; Social Security; local library)
This is not an exclusive list.  Activities are centered around each individual’s health needs, as well as which leisure and recreational activities they want to pursue. Again, the primary focus, of this service is getting out in the community, learning and experiencing community resources, learning about and participating in recreational and leisure activities, in an integrated community setting.

For more information about Adult Community Inclusion

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